phoning it industries
Established in 2012, Phoning It Industries is a side project to explore various game design concepts.


Tetrakinesis is a puzzle game that's easy to learn, difficult to master. 25 levels of pure square deleting action. Or not.

You can learn more about Tetrakinesis and download it for free at

Not convinced by my master salesmanship? Watch THIS!

Current Projects

Currently, board game design is the central focus. There are 2 games in the pipeline.
  1. Quartiles - An abstract tile placement/manipulation & set collection game. With a light school theme.
  2. Graffiti Royale - A game where players try to become the Graffiti Royalty of The City. Worker placement, set collection & a "take that" mechanic to help pull down anyone who might feel like they're a bit high on the hog.